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Fr., 24. Feb.



Dance of the heart - Tantric Zouk - 1 of 4 Retreat Series 2023

Embody the energy of your heart whilst dancing and exploring the flow in meditation, movement and playfulness

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Dance of the heart - Tantric Zouk - 1 of 4 Retreat Series 2023
Dance of the heart - Tantric Zouk - 1 of 4 Retreat Series 2023

Zeit & Ort

24. Feb. 2023, 18:00 – 26. Feb. 2023, 18:00

Bern, Mühlenpl. 15, 3011 Bern, Schweiz


Über die Veranstaltung

Dance of the Heart - Retreat Series 1 of 4 by Damir and Jonny


Embody the energy of your heart whilst dancing and exploring the flow trough meditation, movement and playfulness with the community.


This retreat is about opening the heart chakra and experiencing dance through the energy of joy, trust, love and compassion. We will undertake a range of static and dance-based meditations as well as learning zouk dance technique for partner connection and co-created movement. We will also open the space to follow your higher intuition and dive into the free dance without any technique.



18:30 - Arrive and welcome activities

20:00 - Heart meditation

22:00 - Social dancing


10:00 - Dance in motion

11:30 - Meditation

13:00 - Lunch

15:30 - Zouk workshop

17:30 - Sound relaxation

18:30 - Dinner

20:00 - Group Activity

22:00 - Social dancing


10:00 - Movement meditation

11:00 - Meditation

13:00 - Lunch

16:00 - Closing Circle

Retreat Series 2023

This retreat is part of a series of retreats offered by Damir and Jonny in 2023. You can attend them individually or buy a full pass for 2023.


- Workshop Pass CHF375 (per retreat)

- Annual Workshop Pass CHF 1200.- (save CHF 300.-)

If you require student or concession pricing please contact

Important Information About Dance of the Heart

- You can bring your own food or purchase the food package (CHF 100 - includes 3 warm meals and snacks)

- Accomodation is free in the venue seminar room (with your own sleeping bag/mat). You are welcome to find your own accomodation outside of the seminar room

- Wear comfortable clothes and socks fort the dance workshops

- Dancers of all backgrounds are welcome to participate (you do not need to have experience in Zouk)

- Please arrive with an open mind to participate in the full schedule

- No alcohol, drugs, coffee or mobile phones allowed

Connected Retreats

- Dance of the Fire (May 5-7), Zürich, Aïsha Lüke

- Dance of the Water (July 7-9), Bern, Atelier Crearte 

- Dance of the Earth (Date open), Zurich

About Jonny

Jonny loves to create safe and powerfully-transcending spaces for people to break through their limitations and bring a fuller version of themselves to the world. His skill-set combines dance, music, mindfulness and breathwork. Jonny is a natural leader of groups and specialises in creating fun and honest spaces for authentic expression, growth and self-reflection.

About Damir

Damirs is leading tantra groups Chakra 1 - 7 around Switzerland and his teachings are very heart based from the Sufi tradition. Damir is a certificated Tantra Teacher by Tantra Essence and has a background in Family Constellation and Gestalttherapie.


  • Dance of the heart (see Info)

    Registration fee 100.- Regular price CHF 375.- (registration fee included) Food 100.- CHF for 3 meals (2x lunch, 1x dinner, 3x snacks)

    100,00 CHF
    Verkauf beendet
  • Registration (All 4 Retreats)

    Annual pass 1200.- (save CHF 300.-) Food and Accomodation not included.

    100,00 CHF
    Verkauf beendet


0,00 CHF

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