Awakened Masculinity training  

Awakening of men has never been so important as it is in today’s world. More and more, men are starting to feel that there is a shift in the entire collective of manhood. This is the time when we, as men, can come together and release the old paradigm of fear, shame and guilt around masculinity and discover our true empowerment.


During this training we share practices and precepts to cultivate presence, groundedness, sexual mastery, confidence and sensitivity. We include our experiences on what it is to be a man in today’s world, particularly in terms of love making, work, money and relating, and we learn about the Tantra way of being in all aspects of our lives.

We will use tantric Taoist practices to breath, move and awaken your sexual energy. Once this energy is awakened we learn how to channel this energy in and upwards to open the Kundalini and the Chakra system.

When you are flowing in your chakra’s and Kundalini energy, you will for the first time know the ecstasy of making Love.

How many of us have been given the education to be a master in the art of Love Making? Our most vital energy play that we call sex has little or no education. This ignorance leaves most of men lost, confused and disempowered.


Learn how to cultivate presence in sexual expression. Discover the revelation of being in your power simultaneous with sensitive ways of connecting with your lover.

You can now let go of conditioning and beliefs given by family and others which no longer serve your being.


We wil opening energy flow in our solar plexus to regain our capacity for facing and become resilient with contradictions and challenges in our life. This will naturally make you capable of holding space for yourself, other men and woman

We use tribal rituals and initiations, meditation from ancient India and Tibet to discover your true purpose of life on this planet.

This Workshop will be in english with german transalation if neccessary.


Fr. 09. Oktober 17.00 – 22.00h

  • Opening circle

  • Active meditation

Sa. 10. Oktober 10.00h – 17.00h

  • Morning Meditation

  • Conditioning and beliefs

  • Art of seduction

  • Active meditation in nature

  • Fire circle

So. 11. Oktober 10.00h – 17.00h

  • Morning meditation

  • Mens circle - radical honesty

  • Active meditation in nature

  • Closing circle

Course Fee:  

CHF 420.- regular

CHF 390.- (early bird till end of mai)


Accommodation (full pension included organic & vegan regional food)

CHF 200.- Twin rooms (for two persons)

or CHF 300.- for singleroom



Venue in pure nature on mountain of Zweisimmen on 1600 meters above see level.

Included Sauna and magnificant view over the mountains. Near the venue is a little lake.



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